Makeup kit is small but mighty

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by besttech

I recently took my first airplane trip with two small children. Packing for it was an adventure. Despite the fact that we took an embarrassingly large amount of luggage, there seemed to be no room at all for adult stuff. In fact, 90 percent of the luggage space was filled with things for the smallest member of our family — diapers, swimming diapers, formula, bottles, toys. Certainly, there was no room for the kinds of things I packed for pre-kids beach vacations: little sundresses, lots of books and magazines, and several tubes of lip gloss. Nope — any makeup beyond the essentials stays at home (and even there, I rarely have time to put it on).

But then I came across Pixi Beauty’s Must-Have Kit ($39). Generally, I’m sort of lukewarm on cosmetics kits — it’s rare that I like all the colors, and it still requires stowing makeup tools somewhere. But the Pixi kit comes in a little leather wallet, and includes both a palette of lip, eye and cheek colors AND the world’s smallest brushes to go along. Plus, there’s a zippered pouch in the wallet to stash a few other small essentials — I threw in a travel-size mascara and a tiny lip gloss. And still, the whole thing is about the size of my husband’s BlackBerry (and if he can bring that on vacation, I can bring this). Along with tinted moisturizer, it was the only makeup I took on vacation; I figured if I hated the colors, there was really no one around to care. But surprisingly, the tiny kit was just the thing — the colors looked great, the brushes were perfect, and I could still pack a book (which I actually managed to read!).

Find Pixi Beauty’s Must-Have Kit in three color combinations at www.pixibeauty.com, or check the site for local stores.

–By Becky Sher, McClatchy-Tribune

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