I hate daylight savings time

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by Lorain County Moms

I know, I know, it’s a much beloved tradition and all that, but really, it aggravates my parental life.

I hate waking up in the dark. My body knows it’s not supposed to get up yet. It gets revenge on me by refusing to allow coherent thought for at least an hour.

The worst thing, though, is the way it affects my kids, who normally go to bed at 8 p.m.

Neither child wants to come in for dinner while it’s still light outside. Intuitively, they understand that daylight is supposed to mean Time To Play Outside.

And it’s sheer torture for them to go to bed when the sun is still shining.

Cheetah Boy pounds his body so hard every day, playing sports, that he really needs a lot of sleep.

If they stayed up until dark in the summer, it would be 9 p.m. or afterward, which is too late both for them and for their mom, too, who has to get up at 5:30 a.m.

The worst thing is that my neighbors are not as mean as me, so their kids play outside until 10 p.m., even on school nights. This means that Cheetah Boy’s friends are playing right outside his window, while he’s trying to sleep.

This is especially hard in the summer when the window’s open and he can hear the sounds of other kids with nicer moms having fun.

Plus, we like showing movies outdoors in the summer, but it doesn’t get dark enough in the back yard until 9 p.m. or later, when Mom is starting to nod off.

We won’t even get into the issue of changing the time twice a year, and how hard that is on everyone’s internal clocks. I’m still trying to shake off the last change.

Basically, I am all alone in this antipathy; everyone else I know loves daylight-savings time. So I guess I’ll have to think about moving to Arizona, where they never adopted it. Someone told me it’s hot there, though.

—By Marla Jo Fisher, The Orange County Register


Marla Jo Fisher was a workaholic before she adopted two foster kids several years ago. Now she juggles work and single parenting, while being exhorted from everywhere to be thinner, smarter, sexier, healthier, more frugal, a better mom, better dressed and a tidier housekeeper. Contact her at mfisher@ocregister.com. Read her blog at http://themomblog.freedomblogging.com/category/frumpy-middleaged-mom-ma rla-jo-fisher/.

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