At least her heart is in the right place

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by Julie Wallace

Gotta tell you, sometimes my little girl totally blows me away.

After we finished with her homework the other night (which is lessening — ah, the end of school is soooo near!), I let her flip on the TV to watch Hannah Montana, one of her favorite shows.

Things were all well and good until she burst out sobbing.

Wait a minute — sobbing and Hannah Montana? Not exactly what I envisioned when I gave the OK to turn it on.

The problem? Apparently, Miley (Cyrus — Billy Ray’s daughter who maintains an alter ego, Hannah, to keep her life, well, her life, for those not in the know.) overheard one of the “popular” girls rudely reject nice-but-nerdy Aaron’s invitation to the prom. So Miley went up to him, and she ended up as his date.

Which apparently was fine until Miley — I mean Hannah — got a better invitation, one to sing a duet with a singer she liked. (David Archuletta, whom I believe was an American Idol guy, but I’m showing my lack of pop culture knowledge venturing down this path.) She went to Aaron’s house and dumped him even after learning his grandparents had flown in to see him off and his parents at that very moment were out buying a new camera to record the milestone moment in their baby’s life.

That’s when my daughter started sobbing.

“Miley’s so mean, Mommy,” she wailed. “Look at him. Look how bad she hurt his feelings. How could she do that?Poor Aaron. Poor, poor Aaron. I bet he’s crying, don’t you think, Mommy?”

Wow…. I know Mal has a big ole’ sensitive heart — one that I fear will get trampled all too often because she wears it right out there — but honestly, I didn’t realize it was so tuned in.

I agreed that Miley did a bad thing, and that hurting someone as she did was terrible. I follow the same mantra that I’m sure all you other mothers and fathers do when trying to instill life lessons to my daughter — I tell her not to do to someone what she wouldn’t want done to herself.

So I was quite grateful when Hannah, realizing the error of her ways, cuts shorts her duet and goes home and becomes Miley again, getting dressed for prom and heading over to Aaron’s house to apologize and revive their plans.

“Mommy, I’m so happy, I could cry,” my overly dramatic daughter proclaimed. “I’m so glad Miley made the right choice.”

–Julie Wallace

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