Publisher wants 4th-graders to write about what makes them cool

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by Lorain County Moms

Alice, the plucky heroine of the newly released book, TOO TALL ALICE (Great Little Books, LLC), is giving a shout out to all 4th graders around the country: Tell me the coolest 3 things about being you and send them off to me right away!
You could be one of 75 kids to win a copy of Too Tall Alice, a bookmark and an “I’m just right for me” wristband.
“I was lucky to have somebody write a book about me,” says Alice. “Now I’m looking for some new friends to tell their stories about being a 4th grader too. “I learned in my story that being 4 INCHES taller than all my classmates was not something to make me sad. It is who I am, and I am just the right height for me! Maybe you’re not too tall, but maybe you think you’re too short or too fat. Maybe you think you’re not skinny enough or pretty enough or brave enough, but we are going to work this all out together.”
Author Barbara Worton has received an overwhelmingly positive response to Alice’s story. Reviewers have gone far beyond the bounds of a critique to add their own commentaries about growing up and feeling as if they were often misfits in a world of “perfect” peers.

The outpouring of praise and emotion prompted the publisher, Great Little Books, to kick off a new campaign, Stand Tall With Too Tall Alice, with a call for submission of short essays written by 4th graders. All essays must be signed by a parent, a guardian or a teacher.
The Standing Tall with Too Tall Alice campaign is designed specially for children so they will be able to see in the words of other children the inspiration to overcome their own feelings of insecurity. Rather than suffering from poor self-esteem through adolescence and into adulthood, children will learn to not only accept who they are but also feel that it is exactly what makes them just right.
“Self-esteem,” says author Barbara Worton, “is the certainty right down to your DNA that you are just perfect as you are and have the right to be accepted, respected, and live a happy and successful life.”
Note to parents and grandparents, teachers and mentors: Great Little Books is delighted to sponsor this contest to reach out to students who want to share their stories. The rules of the contest are available on the website at: http://www.tootallalice.com/contest.html All entries are due by August 31, 2009.
Coming soon will be a set of book discussion, comprehension, and self-esteem building activities for teachers and other child development and learning professionals.

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