Hello, I am large … and in charge (I think!)

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by Lorain County Moms

I am a plus-size woman. I am OK with that. I do need to lose weight for my future health and I am OK with that, too.

I do not scream in horror when I see myself naked. I do not have body issues. In fact I think I look BETTER naked than clothed.

I have an hourglass figure and am tallish…that has always helped. Finding flattering clothing, however, has sucked.

Vancouver is not plus size friendly.

Which is why I enjoy being pregnant. Fashion wise….the maternity clothing has been great. I haven’t even had to buy plus sizes in the mat gear. I wish the rest of the fashion world was so generous in its sizing.

The only area in the baby/maternity world where I have noticed size “discrimination” is in things like slings.

The new ones all seem a bit tiny. For some of them I can’t imagine them fitting me. Or my husband … so size AND gender discrimination. Hence why I will probably stick to my 5 year old ring style one. Fully adjustable for baby and mom.

The assumptions about my health and my children’s health have been a bit annoying too. People assume that I must have had gestational diabetes before; that I must have had huge babies. Well, they were both around 9 pounds … they were not huge behemoths. And no, no diabetes before either.

Speaking of GD; from speaking to many, many mothers who experienced this condition, we have all suffered similar issues with nurses and nutritionists. Their fervor for ensuring a healthier, sugarless mom-to-be tends to cloud their judgment. I keep hearing tales of women reduced to tears, women refusing to follow the program, woman being overwhelmed and depressed by the whole experience.

These advisers seem to forget just who they are dealing with. They forget the hormones, the fears, the anxiety, the worries that a pregnant woman is dealing with. Adding GD so near to the end of their pregnancies can be the last straw.

I felt totally overwhelmed and mulish when these experts were telling me not eat this, don’t drink that, it just seemed too much on top of everything else — the lack of sleep, the swollen ankles, the pains, you name it.

My endocrinologist is great, he seems to get it. He is sympathetic and far looser with the rules of insulin or not. He knows we just want a healthy baby. To talk about future fears is too much for us.

The cries of woe about our future ill health and impending type 2 diabetes, mixed in with tales of permanently damaging our babies health down the road, is enough to send us all waddling for the exits; how much guilt have we already on our hormonal shoulders.

I am doing OK with my GD. The baby is apparently just the right size. I am managing to not gain huge amounts of weight and with testing just four times a day, I can even ‘cheat’ a little too, making life easier for all involved in this journey.

What is quite funny, is that at 35 weeks, I look ready to blow right now. When out and about, I am no longer met with indifference from men and little smiles from women. Instead, looks of alarm cross their faces, especially in stores or restaurants where they are convinced I am going to give birth in their establishments.

That is at least worth a chuckle.

But I digress.

But back to the fashion thing. Where do you shop for non ‘fat’ looking clothes when you are 14 and beyond?

And why do they seem to always assume that you are 8 feet tall AND large too? My pants seem to be always dragging on the ground!

It also seem to be assumed that you are round and not pear or hourglass shaped.

Maybe my difficulty in shopping is due to actually WORRYING about what I look like. I like my clothes to flatter my shape…not hide it. I am also not in denial about it.

The amount of women out there who are wearing stuff they shouldn’t, but are OK with it, really boggles me.

The amount of, er … over-spillage of stomachs with too tight tops … what is that?

I would mortified to be seen like that the public.

But maybe it is just me. Maybe I am not as ‘large and in charge’ as I thought I was.


Original Canada Moms Blog post, Kerry also writes at http://crunchycarpets.com/.

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