Some decorating advice: Take your deep thoughts off the walls

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by Lorain County Moms

By Traci, New Jersey Moms Blog

The rain hanging over New Jersey for the past 19 of 22 days has driven most of us to a constant indoor status. Good for the beer companies, bad for those of us trying to run off the winter bulge before the town pools are all open. Aside from trying and learning to appreciate all things brewed in Jersey, I have become unusually accustomed to my friends and neighbors decorations.

When we first moved to New Jersey, I learned quickly that people like wall paper and the carpeting to change colors depending on the room.

Regionally, all things are different when it comes to home interiors. As a former slave to the design industry I find this interesting. I try not to make snap judgments, because I am a mommy of trend and can easily be swayed from color coordinated sofa sets to JCPenny catalog style draperies.

I have started to notice this new trend in home decors…..the verbage spewing about the walls. Where are all of these stickers coming from?

“Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much”

“If music be the symphony of life, play on”

WHAT?! Come on, people you are letting me down. How about the sayings we all wish we could find:

“Have a seat and serve yourself a glass of wine, I am already on number 4.”
or “Shut up. If I wanted your opinion, I would have told you them.” Or my personal fav, “Unshaven, unshowered and unapologetic.”

I think what we all need is a clear dose of reality, while it sounds beautiful to Live Well and what not, what we really are all trying to do is figure out if microwaving plastics will really guarantee toxic plasmosis, or something as lethal. I know it seems inviting to hang writings granting peace and good tidings all over your walls, but what we would actually prefer to ‘Laugh Often’ is to have someone to laugh at. Of course we should love much, but what we’d all actually love is to have some freaking sunshine and a touch of summer weather, all the while food is becoming persona non grata to this outdoorsy woman who is victim of one too many bruchettas.

I do get the allure, after all, anything at Bed Bath And Beyond can look enticing.

This is an original post from the New Jersey Moms Blog (www.newjerseymomsblog.com); Traci also writes her about her loud opinons at Smart A$$ Mom.

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