Gotta love the military

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by Julie Wallace

There are many times when I curse the forwarded e-mail. I get a ton of e-mails at work each day, and I just don’t have time to spend perusing even the silly or thoughtful sent to make someone giggle or think.

That said, I did just that today, and you know what? I’m darn glad I did.

One of my long-time friends sent a link to a video on YouTube. It was all about how to express gratitude to our soldiers when we pass them in an airport or on the street. It’s called the Gratitude campaign, and here’s the link:


The timing of the link couldn’t have been better.

On Saturday, my daughter and I got up bright and early and headed to the Cleveland airport to pick up my younger brother, a teacher at Elyria High who also is in the Army Reserves.

He had just finished his second two-week stint doing Army stuff this summer, and he needed a lift home.

When we pulled up to the concourse area, there was John — standing in his fatigues, the black beret on his head, waiting alone for Mal and I to arrive.

That certainly wasn’t the first time I’ve seen John in uniform, but it struck me seeing him there that day. And as I looked down the concourse to where there were a few other people, I could see them looking John’s way, too. I presume that they — like me when it’s a soldier other than my own brother — are hard-pressed to figure out what’s appropriate to say even though they want to say something.That’s why this video is so cool.

–Julie Wallace

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