The 10 best kids TV shows (that won’t drive parents mad)

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by Lorain County Moms

By Aisha Sultan, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

I liked the list of great children’s TV shows created by BabyCenter (, but I think they neglected some gems. So, here’s my top 10 list of worthy kids’ TV shows educational but also enjoyable for parents to watch. (Of course, Sesame Street is a perennial classic.)

  1. “Super Why” (PBS): This superhero uses his super reading powers to solve storybook problems. It will make your kids want to be Super Readers, too.
  2. “Word World” (PBS): Words literally come to life in this show, where objects and animals in the show are comprised of block letters.
  3. “Between the Lions” (PBS): A family of lovable lions run a magical library where stories come alive as they are read aloud. Each episode focuses on a new letter sound or combination.
  4. “Dora the Explorer;” “Go Diego, Go!” (Nickelodeon): The success of Dora, the active and wide-eyed 7-year-old star, had led to a spin-off about her cousin, Diego. Both shows expose kids to the fun of being bilingual and engages them in adventures.
  5. “Charlie and Lola” (Disney Channel): Based on an award-winning children’s book, these British siblings model the best brother-sister relationship and will win your heart.
  6. “Pinky Dinky Doo” (Noggin): Pinkie is a girl who lives in Great Big City with her parents, her little brother, Tyler, and their pet, Mr. Guinea Pig. Great for vocabulary building and infectious songs.
  7. “The Mighty B” (Nickelodeon): Bessie, an awkward HoneyBee Scout imagines she is a superhero when she encounters a problem. The show is more appropriate for elementary-school aged children. The dialogue is sharp and witty.
  8. “Ni Hao, Kai-Lan” (Noggin): The Chinese version of Dora. Introduces elements of Chinese culture and values, multiculturalism (through the diverse backgrounds of Kai-Lan’s friends), and intergenerational families.
  9. “Blue’s Clues” (Noggin): The show’s host and Blue, the animated dog, guide children through a problem-solving activity in each episode.
  10. “Word Girl” (PBS): Word Girl uses her great vocabulary to fend off villains such as Granny May, The Butcher, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy and Dr. Two-Brains.

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