Fiery names for your energetic baby

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by Lorain County Moms

If you’re due very soon and so are expecting a Leo baby or have or anticipate a child born under one of the other fire signs, Sagittarius or Aries all I can say is: Lucky you. I’m an Aries, my first child was a Sag, and my second a Leo, and we all live up to our characteristically fiery independent natures.

If you’re interested in a name that means or relates to fire for your own little fire sign baby, or its bright, energetic image simply appeals to you, consult this list of fiery names:

AGNI Hindu god of fire, though to English speakers the name may sound more feminine than masculine.

AIDAN and AIDEN Popular modern form of Aodh, meaning fiery, that’s well-used for boys and also a possibility for girls. Meaning fire, Aodh (or Ae, which is pretty phonetic) was a name borne by several High Kings and mythological heroes.

AZAR Attractive Iranian girl’s name that means fire.

BLAISE Although this ancient martyr’s name means “one who stutters,” its relationship to Blaze makes it feel fiery.

BRENT and BRENTON — “Bren” means burnt land, so these two surname/place names relate tangentially to fire and have a smoke-tinged feel. Either might be fresher for a girl than a boy.

BRIGID Name of the ancient Celtic goddess of fire (and poetry and wisdom) can be varied as BRIDGET, BRIGITTE, BIRGIT, BRITT, BRIGHID, among other forms.

CALIDA Girls’ name derived from the Spanish for hot.

CONLEY Irish surname particularly suited to translation for girls, meaning “purifying fire.”

FINTAN Irish name that some say means “white fire” and may be an intriguing way to get to Finn.

HESTIA Greek goddess of the hearth. VESTA is the Latin form of her name.

HUGH Although Hugh’s meaning is technically “intelligence, spirit,” from the German, the name can also be a modern form of the ancient Gaelic Aodh, whose pronunciation is even breathier than Hugh’s.

IGNATIUS Saints’ name related to the Latin word for fire, most recently chosen by actress Cate Blanchett for her third son.

INIGO Basque form of Ignatius pronounced IN-ih-go, most famous as name of classic British architect, Inigo Jones.

KALAMA Exotic girls’ name it’s Hawaiian meaning “flaming torch.”

KEAHI Hawaiian boys’ name meaning flames.

KEEGAN Another Irish surname than can mean son of Egan, which is derived from Aodh, meaning fire.

KENNETH Scottish name that means “born of fire.” A bit overexposed a generation ago, but still strong and handsome.

McKENNA A patronymic derived from Kenneth, trendy for girls.

PELE The Hawaiian goddess of fire … and a fiery soccer player.

PHOENIX Name for girls or boys of the mythic bird that rose from the ashes.

REESE and RHYS A former surname rapidly gaining in popularity as a first, thanks to Ms. Witherspoon. Means “fiery” in the personality sense.

SERAPHINA A name taken from the Seraphim, the highest order of angels, meaning fiery or ardent. Seraphina was thrust into the spotlight when Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck chose it for their second daughter.

SHULA Arabic girls’ name that means flame.

VULCAN Name of the Roman god of fire, with strong Star Trek overtones.

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