Terrific day at Twins Days in Twinsburg

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by Melissa Linebrink

Today, I finally found out what being a twin is all about after we made the trek to Twinsburg for the annual Twins Days.

The last time I went to the festival, I was probably 10 years old. I went with my grandma, aunt and cousin just to see what the event is all about. I never thought in a million years I’d actually be walking the grounds as a mother of twins. But, 21 years later, there I was, pushing my double stroller up and down the hilly grounds amongst the other 1,500 sets of twins.

Yes, 1,500 sets of twins were registered today.

Today, we saw twins from Siberia, Hong Kong and India. I saw twins that were 1 month old and 93 years old.

I didn’t register Katie and Derek because I didn’t really remember what the day was all about. I regretted my decision not to register them immediately. Mostly because if I would have registered them, I would have received tags that stated they were indeed twins rather than having to tell everyone they were twins. Since Katie and Derek are fraternal twins, to me, they look nothing alike. She is small and petite with slightly curly hair. He out-weighs her by 5 pounds and has straight hair.

Everywhere I looked today, I was doing a double-take, and sometimes, a triple-take. Some twins wore buttons that said, “First” while others said, “Last.” Others had shirts that said, “Have you hugged your twin brother/sister today?”  

Before today, I just considered Katie and Derek as siblings because to me, that is what they are. I have never treated them any differently than I do Ethan. I never give them more attention simply because they are twins.

But for this one day, it was all about them being twins. And for this one day, I didn’t mind people asking me if they were twins, or who was born first or how old they are because for this one day, I took it all in and walked away knowing that Seth and I are parents of twins, and that we are not alone.


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