Three simple storage solutions for kids’ rooms

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by Lorain County Moms

By Catherine Newman, Disney FamilyFun magazine

Make the most of your child’s room with these easy ideas for organizing her favorite things.

Rotating art gallery

Wooden skirt hangers make pretty and practical “frames” for showing — and storing — your little artist’s portfolio. As it grows, just clip the latest work to the front of the collection. (We bought six hangers for $7 at Bed Bath & Beyond and painted them.)

Storage for stuffies

Here’s a cozy, convenient solution to the problem of stuffed animals piling up: tuck them in an empty beanbag chair. Just dump out the beans (we turned our chair inside out over an empty trash can) and stash your little one’s collection inside. For information on recycling polystyrene beanbag filler, go to earth911.com.

Art supplies on hand

Stow crayons, paper, and other essentials in a new or repurposed cleaning caddy to help your child keep track of her supplies — and easily move them from place to place whenever the creative impulse strikes.

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