Baby care timer helps new parents keep track of all the new duties

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by Lorain County Moms

By Emilie Le Beau,  McClatchy-Tribune News Service

New parents have the right to be tired. Newborns need to eat every two to four hours and parents must feed their new arrival around the clock.

Besides feeding, parents also have to track sleep, wake and changing schedules. Parents administering medicine must also monitor daily doses. All this information can be confusing, especially for overwhelmed and tired parents. Using a digital monitor can help parents set reminders and stay on schedule.

The Itzbeen Baby Care timer is a one touch gadget that allows parents to record baby’s feeding, changing, sleep and wake times.

The gadget has four timers and also allows parents to track medicine administered and exercise times. These timers indicate how much time has passed since the last feeding, changing, or nap. It has a display backlight and can be read in the dark. It also has a nursing reminder to help mom remember which side the baby nursed from last.

The gadget is portable and has a back clip that attaches to a diaper bag. It’s available in pink, blue or green. Twin packs also available.

$24.99 at specialty baby stores. A store finder is available at Itzbeen.com.

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