Pre-spring means time to clean out closets

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by Melissa Linebrink

We are half-way through February, which means, spring is just around the corner. Which means, soon an entire new wardrobe will hit my kids’ closets. Long-sleeve shirts will be replaced by short-sleeve shirts; heavy dresses will be replaced by pretty pastel-colored dresses; and boots will be replaced by sandals/slip-on shoes.

Yet, before any new clothes can find their place in the closet, I need to attack the old clothes with a vengeance.

I know, for a fact, Ethan has pants in his closet that if he were to wear them to school, someone would ask him, “Ethan, are you waiting for the spring flood of 2010?” There are shirts that would most likely show his belly-button because somewhere between last spring and this spring, the boy grew what seems to be a foot, although I am sure it’s just mere inches. My little boy who used to have a small “milk gut” is becoming a tall string-bean.

And then we have the twins.

I remember when I was pregnant with Katie and Derek, I feared that they would never have new clothes. I knew we would have to spend all of our hard-earned money on diapers, wipes and formula/milk. While we are still spending all of our hard-earned money on those items, it seems neither of us can make a trip to a store without picking something out for them to wear – and my family is the same way.

“Oh Melissa, I was at Kohl’s the other day and saw this on sale. Will it fit Katie? Will it fit Derek?”

And most of the time, yes, the clothes fit them. Thank goodness my family helps clothe my children because that means we can afford the diapers, wipes and milk.

But I must admit, I cringe every time I open their closet door. Typically, I just grab the first thing I see, which is good because I have learned to pair up Katie’s shirts and pants on one hanger to avoid the, “What shirt would go with this pair of pants?” dilemma every day. Yes, even at the age of 19 months, I need to make sure she matches. Derek is a bit easier. He either wears blue, black or gray every single day.

In their closet, I have a huge box that is currently filled to the brim with all of the stuff they have outgrown. In the basement, I have probably 10 boxes of stuff they have outgrown or out-used, not including walkers, toys and other baby items.

And, even though it’s only the middle of February, I have already began pricing items for the June garage sale because if I were to wait until the end of May to price items, my husband would have to pull my body from the heap of clothes sitting on the basement floor before it swallowed me up.




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