What to always have in your home, aka What I learned from Snowpocalypse

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by Lorain County Moms

By Nicole, DC Metro Moms Blog

Well, we all made it through … the DC Snowpocalypse of 2010 …

We even made it on Wikipedia!!!!!

Luckily, temperatures are warming, snow is melting, and only rain is on its way lovely, hmm.

I’m sure we’ve all learned something in the last couple of weeks …

As for me? I’ve learned a lot.

How to end poverty? No.

A cure for cancer? No.

I’m talkin’ vital stuff here … like what to keep in your home AT ALL TIMES …

The first is pretty obvious: WINE.

Always have a substantial stockpile of wine. Keep it in your basement, the wine will stay at a good temperature- it’s your own personal wine cellar!

And let’s not forget the other stuff:

Batteries (I know people always say this, but alas, it’s true.)


Wood for your fireplace (we learned that one the hard way)


Non-perishable Food

A good sled

Heavy blankets (Just keep ‘em in the top of a closet, where they are out-of-the-way, yet accessible)


A spare hard drive- so you can rebuild your laptop after your son puts a stack of magnets on it (I’m not kidding, this happened in the midst of the ‘storms’)

Quality snow shovels

Or better yet, a snow blower (I’m investing in one)


Good boots (YEY! We actually all have good boots this year and were prepared)

Kid shovels- so they can feel like they are helping

Waterproof gloves and mittens


And last, but not least: A WINE OPENER!

This is an original post from the DC Metro Moms Blog, Nicole’s kidding, but only a little… You can also find her at BananaBlueberry, and her new blog— HouseHold Tips!

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