Enough with the magical creatures — I want some credit

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by Lorain County Moms

By Shanna, Deep South Moms Blog

It starts out innocently enough. A fat man in a red suit delivering toys to good girls and boys. Becoming Santa was one of the things I looked forward to in the years before I had children. It is exciting to keep secrets, find the perfect present, and watch the wonder unfold as their little eyes light up with the excitement of the magic.

But just how much magic do we need? Besides the man in the suit, we also have a magical bunny that delivers baskets full of candy and toys. A fairy will exchange teeth for money. Before the bunny can come around, now we have a leprechaun who plays funny tricks and might leave a treat or two while the children are sleeping. Some of my friends have succumbed to the “backpack fairy” that leaves school supplies in backpacks for the first day of school. Am I the only one who thinks it is too much?

I love the pretend and the wonder in their expressions as much as the next mom, but I am selfish enough to want some of the credit for all this work! Forget the backpack fairy — I want to be the one to hand them a new package of crayons and a crisp, clean notebook. After spending many difficult nights creating the perfect doll house or making an adorable skirt, you better believe the package will say “from Mom” and no mention will be made of Santa.

My oldest is 6. Many of my friends have 9 or 10 year olds who still believe. I don’t know if I can make it that long! I’ve already tried to dispel the myth. I was comforting my daughter after her third attempt at leaving a tooth under her pillow resulted in only an old tooth and no precious cash. Wishing I could just hand her a dollar and call it good, I said to her “well, you know the tooth fairy isn’t real, right?” Unfortunately she didn’t believe me, and I didn’t have the heart to push it any further.

So, for now, I will dye the toilet water green, tip over chairs, and switch the breakfast cereal for rice. I will act just as surprised as they are that some sneaky little leprechaun caused a little havoc in our house and left us some gold coins and silly string. I will prepare the Easter baskets and think ahead for Christmas. I just hope they catch on sooner rather than later!

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