Win a book contract through Cheerios’ contest for new authors

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by Lorain County Moms


Never written a children’s book but always wanted to? Here’s your chance to show off your skills to millions of cereal-eating readers. Write your best story; the winner will be paired with an illustrator. The winning book in the fourth annual contest will be packaged free inside millions of Cheerios boxes in the spring of 2012. The contest is open to entries in English or, for the first time, Spanish. The winning book of the 2009 Cheerios contest, “1 Zany Zoo,” is currently in 2.2 million Cheerios boxes.

  • For: Never-before-published children’s book authors
  • Sponsor: Cheerios, www.spoonfulsofstoriescontest.com
  • Entry deadline: July 15
  • What you win: Your book in Cheerios boxes, $5,000 and book contract from Simon & Schuster.

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