Taking ‘double trouble’ to a new level

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by Melissa Linebrink

I have often wondered who coined the term “double trouble.” Was it really a parent of twins or just a parent who looked at another parent of twins thinking to themselves, “Wow, talk about double trouble!” as they walked away laughing.

Lately, if you were a fly on a wall in my house, you’d be laughing and thanking your lucky stars you do not have 22-month-old twins.

Let me take a moment to paint this picture.

I have never had a little girl before, so I really wasn’t sure what little girls are capable of. Sure, I have friends who have girls, and they have told me stories, but until you have a little girl, you have no idea.

And my daughter is the Big Boss … to her babies and animals, and to her brothers, too.

My parents bought her and Derek this incredibly annoying rabbit last Easter that sings, “Here Comes Peter Cottontail.” As if the song wasn’t bad enough, she now drags this bunny (now named Peter) that is half her size all through the house collecting dust (at least that saves me from cleaning the floors). And, she insists on diapering this bunny too. From the moment she wakes up until the moment she goes to bed at night, she carries around this bunny and a handful of diapers. She climbs onto the kitchen chair and then, in a neat row, lines up the bunny and diapers, then begins the diaper/un-diapering; diaper/un-diapering; etc. process.

BUT … what happens when she sees Derek with JUST his diaper on?

You guessed it! She un-diapered him during the mere seconds I was washing my hands in the bathroom. I returned to their room to find his diaper hanging off his body with little tiny wet spots on his legs. Yes, he not only peed on himself, but he also peed on her and her outfit, and on the bedroom floor.

Lesson learned – Never, ever have twins run around in just diapers. Must have at least of pair of shorts on to prevent accidents.

The worst case of double trouble is when there is complete silence in the house. It’s a silence that speaks volumes.

Like tonight for example. I couldn’t hear the twins, but I just thought they were in their bedroom playing.

Oh they were playing alright – with body lotion! It was all over their bodies, carpet and even in their mouths (not enough to warrant a trip to the ER though). Here’s the thing though, it’s not as if I leave these items in plain sight. I hide them in their cribs and one of them reached his/her little arms into the crib and somehow pulled the lotion out (I am still trying to figure out how the bottle fit between the rails?).

Into the tub they went.

Lesson learned – the lotion went up HIGH in their closet.

I have never understood the twin bond, and I probably never will. What I do understand is that finding trouble together must be a lot more fun than alone!

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