Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally premiers tonight on Disney

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by Lorain County Moms

By Genevieve Hinson,

School’s in and busy moms are now even busier. Where’s the time to plan a family night that the kids will love? Don’t stress and skip the guilt. Disney has planned a fun-filled evening that’s complete with healthy and easy dinner recipes.

Join Mickey and friends they rock, ride and rally in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally” (premiering on The Disney Channel, Tuesday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m. ET/PT) while noshing on tasty food the kids can help make and enjoy an evening together.

“Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally” will also be available on DVD from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment on Sept. 7.


Road Rally Race Flags

Road Rally Race Flags: Made from stacks of sauteed or grilled veggies cut into squares. Stack squares with ricotta cheese in between, red and green bell peppers to make the squares. We can cut a piece of whole wheat tortilla into a rectangle and bake until crisp then stack the veggie/cheese flags on top. Serve warm. These could be made with the bell pepper squares of different sizes (red is biggest and green is smallest, and the tortilla is cut into a rectangle with the top end wider than the bottom so it looks cartoony).

Pluto’s Veggie Skateboards

Pluto’s Veggie Skateboards: Made with sliced small zucchini rounds as the wheels, shaped carrot for the board, can decorate with cheese slices cut into shapes. Cut the carrot in a flat shape of the board and the zucchini into circle “wheels.” They would be resting on the wheels, very 3D.

Pete’s Sandy Sandwiches

Pete’s Sandy Sandwiches (Pete says “Oh Sandy Sandwiches” in the desert scene): Made from tuna salad and cut into any shape desired. Round for wheels, big and small circles for Mickey’s Markers, triangles, ovals, quarter moons for the bushes etc …

Mickey Park Cheese Fruit Plate

Cheese and apple slices cut out to look like the bushes in stars, quarter moons, triangles, squares, ovals, and diamonds.

Balloon snacks.

Movie snack mix can be made with dried fruit, raw nuts, air popped popcorn. If preferred, it could be served in small brown bags or small bags made with colored paper to look like the special surprise balloons released when Mickey Markers are found in the movie. You could even include cut-out character faces for guests to glue to bags to be exact matches from the movie.

Toodle’s Mini-Pizza O’s

Decorate mini pizzas to look like Toodles.

Mickey Markers

Whole wheat bread cut into Mickey’s Markers, bush shapes, or balloons, toasted and served with a dip (red bell pepper hummus).

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally

Want a sneak peek of the episode? Starting on Tuesday, August 31, a full-length preview becomes available on Disney Channel on Demand. And, for you cool kids, in conjunction with the premiere, the special will be available on iTunes and Xbox Live, and simulcast on mobile providers Sprint TV, FloTV and MobiTV. For those of you with AT&T CV, Sprint TV, and Verizon V Cast the episode will be available beginning Sept. 8.

Genevieve Hinson is a social media coordinator for Children’s Hospital Central California. She’s also a writer, wife and mom to two boys and a girl. The opinions she expresses are her own, as is her obsession for coffee.

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