Washington bans Four Loko; buying rush follows

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by Lorain County Moms

By the Associated Press

SPOKANE, Wash. — Just hours after Gov. Chris Gregoire announced a state ban on alcoholic energy drinks the Hamilton Market near Gonzaga University in Spokane sold 30 cases of Four Loko.

KREM reports some college students are stocking up before the ban takes effect next Thursday.

Gregoire said Wednesday that the caffeine-and-alcohol combination encourages excessive drinking and the fruit-flavored drinks in brightly colored cans are aimed at the young.

Nine Central Washington University students who drank Four Loko were hospitalized after a party.

  1. Phil Said,

    That stuff sounds sickening.

    Michigan banned it on Nov. 5th.
    Michigan BANS Four Loko
    Nov 5, 2010 .. Huffington Post

    Manufacturers have 30 days from Thursday to get rid of the products — those containing not only alcohol, but caffeine and occasionally other energy additives like guarana and taurine — from Michigan markets, commission spokeswoman Andrea Miller said. Consumers still will be able to possess the drink, since the commission does not have control on out-of-state transactions, but it cannot be purchased in the state, she said.

    The commission decided to ban the substance because of multiple recent news reports about the dangers and consequences of the drinks, Miller said.

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