Moms gear: EuroTote can be anything you need

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by Lorain County Moms

By Emilie Le Beau, McClatchy-Tribune

Many adults despise sleeping in an upright position, especially in airplane seats where the “recline” option is practically an insult.

Despite the adult aversion to sleeping upright, many parents expect their babies to snooze contently in a sling or carrier.

There are ways to carry baby so the little one is lying flat and able to snooze comfortably. The lillebaby EuroTote is a convertible carrier that changes from a cradle carrier to a bunting bag to a toddler stroller bag.

The machine washable cover can also be changed to a cool mesh designed for summer temperatures or a warm microfiber/flannel mix for colder weather.
The cradle carrier accommodates up to 25 pounds and has two straps so parents can carry a snoozing baby.

The EuroTote weighs 1.5 pounds and can also convert to a play blanket or can be used as travel bedding. Meant for both indoor and outdoor use. Price is $119, available in black, cream, cocoa or red at

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