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By Amy Kossoff Smith, The Business of Motherhood

The word “gratitude” goes so beyond “thank you,” and manages to do so in just one word! Rich with meaning, to show gratitude, it’s more than words … it’s an attitude, an approach. I recently posted tips from authors of a book, “Letters from Home,” that are great ways to instill gratitude in your kids.

According to authors Andrea and David Reiser, “Sincere gratitude seems to be dying out in America, but it’s a trend that can be reversed by involved parents.”

Gratitude, they say, goes beyond saying “thank you” — it’s a mindset and a lifestyle.

The fruits they’ve seen grow from instilling basic life values — like gratitude — in their own household inspired Andrea and David to write “Letters From Home.” Written in the form of letters to the authors’ four sons, the book explores 15 basic American virtues that built our country and that foster individual and familial success.

Here are some quick tips, edited for your quick reading pleasure (!) on how to instill gratitude at home. Note : You can find the full text of this article along with more tips and details at http://momtinilounge.com/?p1511.

Don’t just count your blessings — name them. Have a minute of thanks in the morning — you and your kids can each name a few things you’re thankful for.
Be a grateful parent. Tell your kids why you’re grateful to have them….and do it often.

Keep a stack of thank-you cards on hand. Insist that your kids use them often. By and large, sending out thank-you notes is one of those arts that seems to be dying.

Insist on politeness and respect all around. When your kids treat other people with dignity and respect, they’ll be more likely to appreciate the ways in which those folks contribute to and improve their own lives.

Look for teachable moments. Yes, it’s important to have conversations about values with your children on a regular basis — but from time to time, situations that illustrate your point will arise. Use them as powerful teaching aids.

Editor’s Note: I posed a MomTini Challenge to my readers see if you can have a “gratitude showcase” at dinner where you go around the table, and everyone says something they’re most thankful for. Guaranteed to add smiles and warm fuzzies.

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