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While the country’s attention has largely turned away from football after the Super Bowl, some of us are still interested in the crazy names of the players. Nameberry’s new intern Robert Harclerode breaks down the most interesting names on both teams:

The Super Bowl has displayed a vast amount of talent and drama, but it has also showcased some of the most unique names on one of the biggest stages in all of professional sports.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers both boast their own separate historic franchises, as well as their own fascinating names within the Super Bowl’s past. In Super Bowl I & II, which both ended in Green Bay victories, Bart Starr was named the Most Valuable Player. Other great Packers in those first Super Bowls include Forrest Gregg, Boyd Dowler, Elijah Pitts, Max McGee, Lionel Aldridge, and Zeke Bratkowski.

The Steelers also had their share of unique names that have won the Super Bowl MVP in the past such as Franco Harris, Lynn Swann, Terry Bradshaw and Santonio Holmes.

Here are some distinctive names from this year’s Super Bowl showdown:

Green Bay Packers

  • ATARI Bigby No. 20 safety
  • CLAY Matthews No. 52 linebacker
  • CULLEN Jenkins No. 77 defensive end
  • DARYN Colledge No. 73 guard
  • DESMOND Bishop No. 55 linebacker
  • DIMITRI Nance No. 23 running back
  • DIYRAL Briggs No. 53 linebacker
  • GRAHAM Harrell No. 6 quarterback
  • JARIUS Wynn No. 94 defensive end
  • JARRETT Bush No. 24 cornerback
  • JORDY Nelson No. 87 wide receiver
  • KOREY Hall No. 35 fullback
  • MASON Crosby No. 2 kicker
  • QUINN Johnson No. 45 fullback
  • TRAMON Williams No. 38 cornerback

Pittsburgh Steelers

  • ANTONIO Brown No. 84 wide receiver and kick returner
  • ANTWAAN Randle El No. 82 wide receiver
  • ARNAZ Battle No. 81 wide receiver
  • BRYANT Mcfadden No. 20 cornerback
  • BYRON Leftwich No. 4 quarterback
  • CREZDON Butler No. 28 cornerback
  • EMMANUEL Sanders No. 88 wide receiver
  • FLOZELL Adams No. 71 offensive tackle
  • HEATH Miller No. 83 tight end
  • HINES Ward No. 86 wide receiver
  • IKE Taylor No. 24 cornerback
  • ISSAC Redman No. 33 running back
  • KEENAN Lewis No. 23 cornerback
  • KEYARON Fox No. 57 linebacker
  • LAMARR Woodley No. 56 linebacker
  • MAURKICE Pouncey No. 53 center
  • MEWELDE Moore No. 21 running back
  • RAMON Foster No. 73 offensive tackle
  • RASHARD Mendenhall No. 34 running back
  • STEVENSON Sylvester No. 55 linebacker
  • TRAI Essex No. 79 guard
  • TROY Polamalu No. 43 strong safety
  • ZIGGY Hood No. 96 defensive end

Nameberry intern Robert Harclerode is a student at Montclair State University where he majors in communication studies and minors in business and journalism. Robert is in the process of writing and managing his own sports blog.

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