Book review: ‘Funny Food’ book shows you how to play with your food

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by Lorain County Moms

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“Funny Food: 365 Fun, Health, Silly, Creative Breakfasts”
Welcome Books, $19.95
160 pages, hardcover
By Bill and Claire Wurtzel

Turn family breakfast from epic struggles to creative sessions filled with giggles and yummy noises with the new book “Funny Food: 365 Fun, Health, Silly, Creative Breakfasts.”

“Funny Food” comes from author Bill Wurtzel’s desire to get his children laughing – and eating. Wurtzel turned his kids’ breakfasts into pieces of art – creating pictures of airplanes with carrots, eggs into jugglers and pears into guitar players. This book, on shelves on April 3, includes a full-color picture for each day. Bill Wurtzel even created a portrait of his wife, Claire, who is co-author of the book, and who has raised two daughters and three grandchildren with him over 50 years together.

The couple has taken their Funny Food workshops to kids and teachers in the New York City public schools, teaching them to use their creativity to make healthy meals fun.

“Your breakfasts don’t have to look like they’ll hang in the Louvre,” Bill Wurtzel said. “It’s the gesture that counts.”

The book includes step-by-step instructions and easy tips for making your own food pictures.

For more info, go to www.funnyfoods.us.

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