My Tot Clock useful for time-outs, bedtime and more

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by Lorain County Moms

By Maggie O’Neill, McClatchy-Tribune News Service

There’s a solution to making those time-outs for your kids more palatable: try using the My Tot Clock.

Yes, you’ve seen this product in parenting magazines before, but after use you’ll have no doubt a parent was behind its well thought-out design. My Tot Clock comes with multiple functions to help your children navigate through naps, discipline, sleep-and-wake cycles and more. The face on the front can also help familiarize children with learning to read time.

The “discipline duration” option can be a helpful device. Push the corresponding red button, select the desired amount of time-out time and click the red start button on top. The face of the clock turns red for the period of set time, a useful reinforcement. When the time-out has ended, the clock returns to its regular yellow daylight color accompanied by a light beep. Your child knows that time-out has ended. Likewise, there is a green button for encouragement time.

At night, the face turns blue when the pre-set bed time has been reached. You can choose to play a bedtime story, music, white noise or all of the above sequentially through My Tot Clock. The blue face also acts as a nightlight and can be set to various levels of brightness. There is another setting for naptime.

Additional products can be purchase online for My Tot Clock. These include various swappable face plates as well as story cartridges like “Sleeping Beauty” or “The Hare and the Tortoise.” Sometimes those baby-magazine products are worth a shot; My Tot Clock can be purchased for $49.95 through mytotclock.com.

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